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INXY.HOSTING Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is related to the websites inxy.hosting, inxyhost.com and spacecdn.com (from now on - the Websites) that belong to INXY LTD. Reg № HE354067 and concerns all Customers that use those resources.
This document underlines different areas where privacy matters are concerned and shows the way the Websites store and process Customer data and information.

The Websites

The Websites approach Customers’ data and personal information with needed care and privacy and make sure that all needed steps to keep this information in private are taken. For user privacy the Websites comply to all Cyprus national laws and requirements.


Users communicating with the Websites and/or their owners do it according to their own good will. The same also applies to provision of personal data. This information is stored in secure and private environment until it is no longer needed. The Websites may offer additional communication means, such as via email to notify Customers about new services and products. By using the Websites the Customers express permission to use their email for such kind of communication. The details, however, will not be passed to any third parties.

External links

The Website may contain external links leading to other resources that should not be considered the responsibility of INXY.HOSTING or INXY LTD. Reg № HE354067. Clicking on such links and going to third-party websites means that the Customers should be guided by Privacy Policy of those webistes.

Social media

INXY.HOSTING uses social media for communication. The Customers should read and be guided by Privacy Policy of respective social media. Therefore it is advised that the Customers communicate and engage upon social media with due care to their own privacy and/or personal details. The Websites or their owners won’t ask for sensitive personal information via any social media platforms. Such details may be passed or inquired only via more reliable communication channels such as email, phone or in the Websites.


INXY.HOSTING is using the remarketing service from Google AdWords that allows to advertise on various third-party websites, such as Google and so on. The ads are then shown to the previous visitors of INXY.HOSTING. This means that even if a visitor didn’t complete any form or even if he/she didn’t make any inquiry on our website, the advertise would still be shown to them in some way - for example in the form of advetisement on the search result page or any other website that is part of Google Display Network. Such third parties, Google included, use cookie files to serve ads according to the previous visiit history. All gathered data is used strictly according to INXY.HOSTING privacy policy and respective privacy policy of Google. You may change the way Google is advertising to you by visiting here. Also there you may opt out of such advertising or choose to use browser plugin.

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