Dedicated Servers

If your business is up and running the hosting choice is vital. To ensure maximum protection and stability, dedicated server is the best choice
Dedicated Servers

Benefits of dedicated server solutions

Fast Dedicated Servers
Much faster
than shared or VPS/VDS
Dedicated server resourses
You don't have to share it with other customers, that means better security and faster operation.
All resources are at your disposal
Server Uptime
99,99% uptime
or your money back
Fast dedicated bandwidth channels
with Tier-1 providers
Fast dedicated bandwidth channels
Server Deployment Time
Reasonable deployment time
Dedicated RAM
For each business, from small to large
Individual configuration
To view our current offers and special prices, refer to this offer.

Download our SEPTEMBER'18 offer

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We offer a range dedicated servers of Dell and Supermicro brands in the following locations, Amsterdam, Netherlands
SwitchDC, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tierpoint, Dallas, US
Equinix, Ashburn, US
Map of INXY dedicated servers offer
Hong Kong

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