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About our CDN prices

Being loyal to customers, INXY offers fair and moderate CDN pricing policy. Find out why we aim to keep CDN price as low as possible, and how much our CDN cost.

Being one of the most reliable and advanced marketplace, INXY provides solutions from HighWinds, Verizon Digital Media Services (EdgeCast), CDNnow, AhCDN and UCDN. These are industry-leading companies, but it doesn’t mean that our content delivery network prices are high. Be sure: on INXY, every customer will find a CDN cost suiting his or her budget. Why do we strive to make CDN price lower?

What is our CDN pricing policy?

We perfectly realize that technological development triggered a dramatic increase of CDN services and providers. As the result, it affected pricing: CDN has become a cheaper and more affordable technology. Today, there are hundreds of companies offering content delivery networks, and their CDN pricing is not always fair: users have to overpay for unnecessary resources, face hidden payments and suffer from technical support fees. That’s what we find unacceptable.

INXY has another type of pricing: CDN is offered at pay-as-you-go model, which means you pay only for the traffic used. We charge only for the bytes that you actually spent. That allows decreasing our CDN service prices making them transparent: you will know on what each cent has been spent. Besides, low CDN cost is complemented with FREE customer support available 24/7.

How much do our CDNs cost?

For each of our products, we offer an individual price: CDN cost will be calculated according to your requirements. Bandwidth, number of PoPs, and covered regions define the price of solution. Together, we will figure out an optimal CDN configuration that suits your budget. Our agents will help you to find an optimal solution basing on you’re the needs of your business.

Our prices start from as low as $10/month, which makes networks from INXY highly affordable.

Do we have free CDNs?

Think twice before opting for free CDN: low cost solutions are often more reliable and effective than unpaid ones. Free CDN puts you at the risk of poor performance, low number of PoPs and absence of customer support in case of disasters.

INXY does not provide free CDNs. However, we offer a free trial period up to 30 days for every single network! Check it and decide whether it is your ideal solution.

We aim to ensure maximum network quality for minimal prices. You deserve the best. You deserve services from INXY.

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