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14-10-2016 10:08 AM

Why You Should Start Using CDN Right Now

Even if your site is full of mind-blowing content, be that live video or state-of-art images, it will not be successful until the problem of slow loading is solved. We live in time when people hate waiting, and even three seconds is too much for page loading. CDN technology was created to accelerate website load speed for end users without additional investing into network infrastructure. Here are the main reasons to start implementing CDN service regardless of what the scale of your web project is.

What is CDN?

Content delivery network is a chain of servers located in different places that optimizes (speeds up) delivery of files and data to end users. In essence, this technology reduces the distance between a customer and server from which content is sent. To put it simply, compare content distribution with trade:

Origin server is the main “producer”, while content is like “items” to be sold. If all the items were sold, say, in New York, people from entire USA would rush there to get the product, which would cause traffic jams, discontent and mess. On the contrary, if items were sold in all cities and towns, all people would get items without having to travel far. The same applied to CDN – end users don’t have to wait too long for request to make a long way to the origin server and content to get back – the closest Point of Presence will provide it.

Today, CDN evolving is almost at its peak. It is estimated that about 62% of global Internet traffic will be served via CDN by 2019. Today, it’s high time to join advanced web-developers who already enjoy the benefits of improved website performance reached with the help of CDN.

Conventional hosting providers will always be out-grossed by CDN

No matter how good a provider is, it will always have physical disadvantage of offering one server, which means lower latency and higher throughput. It is inevitable due to the distance between end user and origin server. Many globally popular companies like Amazon, EBay, or AliExpress own sites that are opened instantly from any place due to effective CDN solutions.

It is not as expensive as you think

Most users are under delusion that cheap CDN is a bad solution, and decent variants cost much. It is not so! If you don’t have much traffic, a network may cost even $1 a month! Of course, it depends on the payment method you choose and your traffic. But in most cases, investing into CDN is paid off quickly. Is a couple of dollars worth 50% increase of site speed? Undoubtedly!

Check offers of different providers to analyze which company meets your demands better. For instance, INXY offers solutions from HighWinds, Verizon (EdgeCast), UCDN, AhCDN and CDNNOW for as low as $10/month. Besides, users are provided with 24/7 strong customer support, can use free trials and get technical assistance quickly.

You and your users enjoy far better performance

One of the main reasons to implement CDN is page speed optimization and performance improvement. The shorter distance between user and server is, the lower latency and package loss is. Users who are satisfied with site work will visit it again and recommend to each other, what will add to revenue and project popularity. Plus, fast page loading increases site ranking in search engines.

 Besides, if you select a good service provider, you may take advantage of HTTP/2 protocol. It increases speed on 10-30% depending on various factors, if compared with HTTPS.

It is compatible with most platforms

CDN technology can be deployed on almost any platforms in a few minutes. Of course, peculiarities of integration depend on provider. Many of them allow using CDN with:

  • WordPress;
  • Joomla;
  • Craft;
  • Kirby;
  • MODX;
  • Magneto;
  • Typo3;
  • Bulletin.

And many other platforms. Most part of integration and setting up is done automatically, so you don’t have to be a tech savvy to follow simple instructions.

SEO advantages

If your project suffers from low ranking, it is a considerable reason to speed up website. Speed of website loading is one of the main factors influencing the behavior of search engines, particularly, Google. Fast websites tend to have more time spent on pages and lower bounce rates. This is why it is always reasonable to test and optimize your site. You can use various tools and websites to identify load speed of your pages. Optimal load time is 2 seconds – this is the ideal you should opt for.

By the way, optimization of website speed makes Google crawl pages faster. It means that your content is indexed and shown in SERPs more often. There is one more thing: if your site is full of photos and illustrations, select CDN for images. Google will access your images better.

Security issues

CDN provides additional protection for your site, including mitigation of DDoS attacks. As far as more than 80% of traffic is transferred via CDN edge servers, they meet these attacks.

CDN also provides such feature as secure token. It allows generating secure links that expire. People with expired links can no longer access the content. CDN also allows implementing SSL certificates just like with usual web host. Encryption between origin and edge servers is ensured.

This is a scalable solution

With a CDN, it is much easier to deal with traffic spikes, because the load lies on CDN mostly. Moreover, this reduces the load on origin server, contributing to less downtime. The volume of traffic managed by CDN may be up to 80%, or even higher. Thus, you will be able to face even severe traffic spikes and minimize the risks of break down.

Another proof of scalability is the fact that CDN works for all kinds of files, be that video, images, JavaScript and other static content. There are special CDN for streaming and CDN for video that improve data transfer dramatically.

Reliability is guaranteed

If your site is not available due to various technical issues, it is a real disaster that may lead to serious revenue loss. But not with CDN! If one server is down, the requests will be routed to another closest PoP. Thus, users will always be able to access a site and be satisfied with its speed.

Decreasing of expenses

CDN does not require your time for management, so you can spend it on other important things. Most people pay for bandwidth used, while CDN saves up to 70% of it. Cost of CDN will always be lower than paying for bandwidth from web hosting.

Another way to save on bandwidth is Origin shield. It has two advantages: protects origin server from overload, and serves as an extra caching level that reduces load time even more. Some companies provide this function for free.

Do not forget that image linking is another costly function. Enable protection against hotlinking and block HTTP referrers from other sites. It may save you thousands of dollars.

Improved rates of conversion and sales

If your website loads longer than 3 seconds, it means low conversion rates. Make it up! CDN will compensate this time, which means better customer’s satisfaction and increased number of customers. 1 second of page response delay costs about 7% of conversion, so 3 seconds accelerating gives you a 21 % pay increasing.

If you haven’t tried CDN, it is high time to start using this technology! You and your clients will notice considerable page loading speed improvement in the first day, and the website will become much more profitable in the long run.

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