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08-12-2016 10:18 AM

Why Companies Have Acute Need For Speed?

Today, the number of international companies grows very quickly, and manufacturers are eager to work with countries that provide beneficial policies with regard to new technologies so that both large and small scale projects would be successful. It concerns not only reduction of expenses. Manufacturing has dire need for speed in IT sphere, since it becomes the main condition for keeping up with competitors, or staying ahead of them. Recent studies show that worldwide manufacturers spend about $323 billion on external IT expenditures. IT is an essential part of company's success, and many enterprises only begin making their steps to considerable digital transformation.

How can CDN help in evolution of company's IT sphere? One important aspect where a CDN can make up for quicker digital transformation is effective and fast collaboration between personnel, partners, and clients. If an organization uses web-based applications for connection between employees, sharing information or completing tasks, CDN can boost the speed and efficiency of interaction, no matter where customers and partners are located.

CDN can serve to boost any web application, starting from collaboration software to HR software and web-sites used for working with customers. World's biggest companies start realizing the importance of CDN and implement it for optimization of interaction between employees and with clients. For instance, one large US based food retailer present in more than 150 countries uses a CDN platform for improving performance of hundreds of customer-facing web-sites in EMEA and Asian regions. In this case, a CDN helped to improve performance by 65-80%. This improvement has been so considerable that the company decided to standardize its entire web-site infrastructure for the above mentioned regions.

To make CDN for manufacturing more effective, company owners should choose important locations and opt for a solution that provides servers in these places. For instance, a company based in Europe that works with customers and partners in the USA and Asia may use a CDN that includes servers in Amsterdam, Dallas or Ashburn, and China. If you have visitors from all continents, choose a network with global presence: thus, you will cover the entire audience.

Thus, a CDN for manufacturing:

* Accelerates application and web-site loading for customers and end-users.

* Contributes to faster and more effective collaboration.

* Speeds up the transfer of data between partners and employees.

If you have an international enterprise that works with people from different corners of the world, content delivery network will speed your web-site and applications considerably, making up for efficient exchange of mission-critical information.

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