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20-09-2017 9:06 AM

What is a CDN and why do you need it for your WordPress blog?

Speed and quality of website content delivery is more important than you may think. CDN (content delivery network) can enable data delivery and is suitable for WordPress websites that can be very media-intensive. Today, CDN service is a must for advanced WordPress bloggers who do care about user experience.

Therefore, it’s crucial to get the idea of what CDN is, when and why it should be implemented, and how you can simply set it up in one click.

What is a CDN?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system of geographically dispersed edge servers that serve website content around the world. As soon as you sign up for such service, your website assets are automatically copied and replicated to all servers included in CDN network. Being called “edge servers” they store cached copies of static and/or dynamic website content (images, videos, CSS, JS, file downloads, fonts, etc.) and transfer them to particular geographical regions and users.

After that, the URLs of your website’s files are changed to point to teh edge servers – everything is performed automatically. When a visitor opens your website, the requests are redirected, and the content is sent via the closest CDN server. For example, if a visitor from Asia visits your website hosted in North America, the content will be served from a CDN server located in Asia.

Why selecting WordPress CDN service?

As far as the content of your website is transferred to visitors from servers in the closest geographical proximity, network latency is minimized. As the result, you achieve faster content loading and better user experience. These two factors influence SEO considerably: when a website is rendered fast, it is favored by Google. Together with making your visitors satisfied, you reach higher rankings!

Besides, CDN server makes up for better uptime and availability (that also takes a positive toll on SEO!) by balancing server load and mitigating unexpected traffic spikes. In case you get a virus, or launch a new project and get a flow of new users, your website won’t be down because of serving content to thousands of end-users. Visitors will be served files from the corresponding PoP (point of presence) at their location, and your website will always stay up and running.

Positive effects of a CDN service are particularly evident, when you have a WordPress website rich in images, videos and file downloads. If it’s your case, don’t even hesitate! But if you host a relatively simple site that is mostly comprised from text, CDN won’t be worth using. Anyway, you can get a free trial and see whether your website has significant improvement from such technology.


INXY.HOSTING team offers CDN solutions aimed at perfect user experience. Now you don’t have to waste your time searching for decent CDN provides and setting service up. We have gathered exclusive CDN offers from world’s best companies. We render tens of PoPs around the world, and networks support HTTP/2 protocol which leverages header compression, multiplexing, raw binary data transfer and many other features.

Besides, WordPress developers would be happy to find the features allowing invalidating cache on demand and serving different versions of the same assets based on user’s devices and needs. With the help of URL parameters, their requests are treated as separate cacheable content.

Besides, setting up CDNs that we provide is simple: you just need to log in to your account and apply settings. Our customer support team is always ready to help!


  • I have a website with few images, so the need for CDN may not apply to me, but my friend would need this information for his site which is clustered with images. Thanks for sharing.
  • As an SEO expert, I seriously understand the speed for increased website speed. Everybody wants his or her page to be ranked higher than that of others, but few understand CDN
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