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19-04-2017 11:32 AM

Understanding how CDN (Content Delivery Network) works

Content delivery networks (CDN) is a technology that improves website speed, performance and security. You may not suspect it, but all Internet users interact with CDN daily. If you visit a speedy website, most likely, it is powered with such a network. Many companies and businesses use CDN for their websites, including social media, e-stores, and YouTube.

How does it function?

CDN is a service that is mostly used to load static website content like images, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Every network has several PoPs (points of presence) or datacenters spread over the world. Every PoP has numerous servers connected to it. Both servers and PoPs help to boost website speed and deliver data to users quicker.

Therefore, CDN is a collection of servers spread over the globe. When a visitor requests content, he or she is automatically connected to the server that is located as close as possible. Data has to travel shorter distance, and the speed of loading increases.

But how content gets to PoPs? When a user requests images, JavaScript, CSS or other files, they are loaded from the origin server to the edge server used and stored in cache. Next time, user requesting for the same file won’t have to wait long – it will already be stored on edge servers.

Why to use CDN?

Content delivery networks were created to solve the problem of latency and ensure lightning speed of connection, no matter where user is located. Using a CDN, website developers can shorten the distance between user and hosting server, which improves site performance and rendering speed. Besides, when content is loaded from servers in different locations, the origin server offloads, which eliminated the risk of downtime and breaks. The less traffic is directed to a server, the faster your site opens.

Another reason to deploy CDN in your project is an excellent level of security: CDNs feature firewalls and many other options to prevent DDoS attacks. The best providers ensure 24/7 network monitoring and technical assistance.

CDN can make your website load up to 70% faster and improve user experience considerably. This is the best option for online projects that need better coverage and acceleration of web pages.



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