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08-12-2016 10:22 AM

Things to consider when leasing a dedicated server

What if you have an ambition to launch a huge web-site for millions of people? That’s a good idea, but before you start making your site, ask yourself which server you need.

Do not rush to make an order without identifying what you really want. Do not repeat the mistake of some companies: they order a server, and switch to another solution soon after being disappointed. It wastes time and money. Instead, define clearly what the demands and peculiarities of your business. Here are basic aspects that will help you to define which service is better for you.

How it will help you to deal with downtime? Every business is likely to be negatively affected by serious downtime. When selecting a solution, ask yourself: are you ready to go for a single server? There is always even a 0.0001% chance of failure. If it’s not okay for you, better order cloud storage additionally, or consider some back-up options. Even the most reliable servers may break down, leaving you without information.

Another crucial aspect is scalability. Will you be able to switch to another solution when your project becomes too resource-hungry? Can you change configuration so that to serve more end-users? Instead of using several servers and expanding your infrastructure you may simply order a powerful dedicated server that has more RAM, storage and capacity. It will be cheaper and easier.

What are your requirements concerning the performance of your server? State them clearly, and pay attention to the following hardware characteristics:

  1. Processor/CPU

Usually, the amount of cores and processor depend on the applications you use. Any multi-threaded application will work better with more cores. Besides, take into consideration performance in clock speed (MHz). And don't forget about the expected number of visitors.

  1. RAM

The stronger solution you choose, the more RAM options are available. If you don't know how much RAM exactly is needed, select a solution allowing adding RAM easily. The choice of RAM is huge, especially for double processors.

  1. Hard drives

The larger server you buy, the more options it provides. SATA drives are optimal for high volumes, but have quite low performance. SAS works better, but is more expensive and has less capacity. SSD is the most advanced solution – it is 50-100 times faster than SATA.

Can bandwidth usage be predicted? If you will need a lot of bandwidth, but you won’t predict traffic spikes, it is better to select a dedicated server with a huge amount of bandwidth, or go for unmetered billing. Thus, you will gradually figure out how much traffic is used.

These questions will help you to make the right choice and find a solution that will totally satisfy you.

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