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10-01-2017 8:59 AM

The most widespread SEO mistakes

If you are a beginner of web-site hosting, you are likely to make some common SEO mistakes. Learn what changes yon can make to your project to increase the number of visitors and improve ranking.

Mistake #1: No permalink optimization

Permalinks are required to let users know what your pages are about, and to show relevancy to search engines. Thus, you should define correct structure of permalinks in settings.  It is recommended to post permalinks to page names only. Don’t forget to include targeted keywords.

Mistake #2: Not filling fields about keywords and title

If you don’t fill all the fields about your post, you may miss out a trick. Focus keyword allows understanding how your web-page is optimized for the whole targeted keyword. SEO title helps to adjust the title tag making it better for search engine. Manual writing of meta descriptions allows getting better click rates.

Mistake #3: Poor interlinking

There are a number of advantages of having links between your blog posts, including higher user engagement and lower bounce rates. But there’s a benefit for SEO, too: when Google sees that you are linked to contextually relevant pages, the relevance of your web-site concerning some certain topic increases. Link more often and use anchor texts with keywords, for instance, “find more about CDN service”.

Mistake #4: insufficient external linking

External linking may also improve search ranking, if you link to authoritative web-sites. First, because of the relevancy factor mentioned above. Secondly, because Google approves of it. If you have a few, or no external links on other web-sites, Google may assume that your content is not valuable enough.

Mistake #5: No image optimization

Although some people do not care about adding alt text, it may be very important. For instance, visually impaired people or mobile users would see it. Don’t forget to use alt and title text on logos and navigational images. They present wider context for search engines.

One more way to boost relevance and improve ranking is making your web-site work faster. Use content delivery networks to reach maximum ranking and get into the Top-10.



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