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12-09-2017 9:35 AM

Overview of 5 reliable CDN services

Since CDN (content delivery networks) appeared on the market, acceleration of websites has become so much easier! Not so long ago, this solution was available for top dog companies only. Today, there’s a full spectrum of budget-friendly solutions for web developers and enterprises that come with additional features and pay-as-you-go pricing policy. Those made us face the agonies of choosing: the number of worthy providers is overwhelming! Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of CDN and learn about 5 great providers recommended by INXY.HOSTING.

When to use a CDN?

CDN is one of the most promising Internet technologies that is expected to transfer more than 60% of global content by 2019. However, it’s not equally useful for all projects. Keep in mind that the simpler is the better: extra features may come at the cost of excessive complexity and higher vulnerability. Besides, websites with target audience in a single region won’t reap benefits from CDN – it can only make things worse. Key advantages of CDN are:

  • Higher speed, especially for distant end-users;
  • Load balancing and delivery optimization (less bandwidth and CPU, storage and traffic);
  • It greatly helps with serving static assets (images, CSS, JavaScript), so this solution is a must for websites rich in media content when they have several thousand requests per hour.

How CDN works?

The main operating principle of content delivery network is to reduce the distance between local visitors and servers. Content is delivered quicker, when served from a closer location to the visitor. Therefore, the more PoPs (points of presence) comprise a network, the better. Edge servers included in a CDN cache not only heavy assets (images), but also JS, CSS, fonts and sometimes – full versions of pages. That decreases latency and round-trips (RTT) and offloads the main application web server.

Push & Pull CDNs

Traditional CDN solutions work as push CDNs, which means you need to upload website files to it. The main advantage of this variant is overall control over your media.

But the most advanced web-masters implement pull CDN (reverse proxying). Why? It eases the task: the images are to be uploaded locally, on the main server only, and they they’ll be pulled on the CDN automatically. Leveraging a pull CDN is a piece of cake: you will easily find plugins for your CMS and example configurations for your framework.

Additional services

CDN functionality is confined to website acceleration only: such network also adds up to performance and security. CDN hosting often comes with:

  • Image optimization, GZIP compression and conversion to webp;
  • Cache header optimization;
  • cache purging after alteration of files;
  • DDoS protection and firewall;
  • minifying of CSS and JavaScript;
  • HTTP/2 delivery;
  • video streaming;
  • API;
  • statistics;

Combined together, these services can make things much faster. But while ordering a CDN with extra perks, don’t forget to keep your code clean: it’s the main condition of a fast website. Keep your technical stuff simple: don’t congest your website, or CDN benefits will be decreased almost to a zero. When you decrease load time, it will lead to increased conversions, sales and SEO.

CDN providers

There are many user-friendly CDN providers around, and INXY.HOSTING works with several leading companies that offer reliable and high-quality networks.


After being obtained by Verizon digital media services, EdgeCast CDN became even a faster network with tens of PoPs (points of presence) located around the world. The networks from EdgeCast accelerate both static and dynamic content thanks to TLS connection together with exceptional Anycast DNS via a PCI-DSS compliant network. Servers are protected with DDoS mitigation, Firewall, DNSSEC, token authentication and origin cloaking.

With the help of granular control and self-service portal, users can customize CDN and rules. Networks come with total visibility and detailed reports. To top it off, round-the-clock technical support helps to solve various issues and failures ensuring stunning performance and perfect security.


Highwinds Content Delivery Network is one of the most massive CDNs in the world that comes with the whole gamut of additional services and products to customize infrastructures. It offers solutions for different purposes: website hosting, gaming, advanced media streaming, fast file downloads, and so much more. The networks come with an intuitive console for easier navigation, and provide the minutest details about content delivery: users can obtain valuable information in real time, and access analytics to make the right process-driven decisions.

With HighWinds you can customize and create a CDN to meet your special demands – IP transit and collocation are supported. EveryStream technology is a great media tool that allows transmitting high-quality video to any device.


UCDN is a global network with over 50 points of presence in the United States and Europe. The company provides servers of the most reliable and advanced hardware producers like Dell, Cisco, APC and others. It provides its own dedicated servers for data storage, if you don’t want to use your own hardware. Security features start from default DDoS protection and firewall and finish by features preventing piracy, hotlinking and other types of content theft. User can implement protection filters by referrer or region, or apply security tokens for signing any URL.


Having Dell, SuperMicro and Cisco servers spread over the world, AhCDN offers content delivery networks with global coverage and excellent performance. Networks come with intuitive and comprehensible control panels that ease access and allow customizing solutions. Pay-as-you-go system makes it beneficial and affordable even for small-scale companies and individual users.


CDNNow offers a broad content delivery network with datacenters spread over 40 cities in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Russia. It offers customizable solutions for different spheres: website acceleration, e-commerce, gaming, news and media delivery, and video streaming. It puts focus on broadcasting and video delivery, so media publishers can always rely on CDNNow networks.

CDN services can make a night-and-day difference in website speed and ensure great user experience, wherever visitors access pages from. Aspiring to excellence, INXY.HOSTING offers services of advanced and well-reputable providers with networks spread all over the world.


  • Wow! I can’t underestimate the increased loading speed that would be experienced by websites with the transfer of more than 60% of global content in just two years from now.
  • Insightful piece. My intention of trying out INXY is due to the partnership the company has with leading companies.
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