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06-09-2017 11:50 AM

Linux and Windows Hosting: Are There Any Differences?

In order to develop your website and ensure speedy connection, you need a reliable dedicated server. Without a proper web hosting server you can’t be sure in safety of your data and scripts you run. Both Linux and Windows hosting servers have been present on the market for years. The choice mostly depends on the programs and applications you are going to use on your website. How to figure out an optimal solution?

Both Windows and Linux have their advantages and drawbacks, but Linux servers have recently become more popular, because Linux is an open source, reliable and safe operating system. It also has pretty great managed file system. Probably, key advantage of Linux is that it is backed up by a large community of skillful people, so the number of Linux dedicated servers is growing on a daily basis.

More than 80% of created applications were made on Linux servers, because they make up for faster execution and easier development.

There are several crucial differences between Windows and Linux servers:

  • Console. While Linux usually goes with CLI console that needs less memory, Windows uses GUI console that doesn’t work without high RAM level.
  • Security. Linux ensures security on multiple levels including iptables, tcp_wrapper and pam, and Windows operates with Firewall only.
  • As far as Linux is an open source platform, it features many control panels (cPanel/WHM and Plesk are the most popular, but they’re paid). Windows server provides such control panels as Plesk and WebsitePanel.
  • Applications made in PHP usually use Linux, and other languages like Perl, Python require this platform solely. Applications developed in ASP.NET are run on Windows.
  • Linux servers are often chosen for MySQL, and Windows dedicated servers would be perfect for MSSQL.
  • From the point of security, Linux is preferable, because it features many application level firewalls (for instance, ModSecurity) to protect user’s websites. Windows servers ensure lower security on application level.

Although the applications you run in Linux server can also be hosted in Windows server, it won’t provide your project with the same level of functionality and safety.

Linux or Windows servers – how to make the final choice?

In fact, the choice of dedicated server platform depends on the applications you develop and use – select a variant that will allow for faster execution. Since the vast majority of modern applications are developed in PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java etc, they need Linux server for better security level and quicker execution.

  • The open source nature of Linux made me develop an admiration for the system. The increasing number of Linux developers would be great for the sustenance of Linux.
  • Interesting read! I’d work with ASP and windows server would continually be my preferred choice, and the open source idea of Linux won’t tempt me to jump ship.
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