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22-11-2016 17:33 PM

INXY Dedicated Server vs Amazon Cloud Server: How to Make the Right Choice?

Today, Amazon Web Services are available with pay-per-minute and pay-per-region pricing structure for every server and this resource is used by dozens of worldwide acknowledged companies to deliver bandwidth-intensive content. Such companies as Dropbox, Netflix, and Spotify are served by that model. Sounds great?  If you are considering Amazon Web Services, don’t rush to make an order, because this model is not suitable for everyone.

The truth is that if you search for a predictable month bill for hosting solution, and don’t have your own team of server administrators to monitor web-site performance on 24/7 basis, you have to look for something else. You want to have decent level of customer support? You aren’t likely to find it on Amazon. Luckily, INXY scalable dedicated server solution not only includes fair and clear pricing and predictable billing, but also comes with 24/7/365 high-quality support. Third-party testing tools show that we outperform Amazon servers on many benchmarks.

Our company’s appeared on the market not so long ago, but we have already gained trust of hundreds of users. We deliver best-in-class hardware and work hard to exceed expectations of our users. We have elaborated transparent pricing policy and include free and unlimited access to our 24/7/365 support for every managed server we offer. And, of course, our dedicated server solutions have one-click scalability features and full programmatic access.

What else differentiates our servers from Amazon Web Services? We guarantee 99.99% uptime, our included bandwidth can be chosen individually, while Amazon outgoing bandwidth is 1 Gb per region only. Besides, we provide convenient control panel for managing your server easily and quickly. So if you need a more reliable and predictable solution, consider leasing INXY dedicated server – it will meet all your expectations.



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