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23-11-2016 9:52 AM

Improve Conversion Rate With Our Site Performance Tips

Want to decrease shopping cart abandonment rates at your web-site? Then you need to ensure that your e-commerce site performance is at high level. Why you need it? The speed of page loading is crucial: even one second decrease in loading can boost conversions by 7%. Here are a few recommendations for you and your IT team to increase site performance and increase conversions.

Select a High-Quality Web Hosting Provider

One of the most important aspects of e-commerce web-site improvement is the web-host, the one who stands behind it. The importance of web hosting for site efficiency cannot be overestimated. Search for 24/7/365 support with quick response time. You should be able to contact support team immediately to make sure that arising technical issues will be solved in time.

Optimize Images For Faster Loading

Many experts agree that this step is important. Using heavy and large images for your web-site is a mistake, because they comprise the most part of page, and their huge size damages web performance. It is better to resize images, save them in proper file types and compress without loss of quality: many modern online tools allow doing so.

Activate Browser Caching

Another frequent mistake is lack of caching implementation. Why is it helpful? Browser caching is essential in improving the speed of pages, because it allows delivering content easier. Ask your webmasters to leverage caching policy right now.

Compress Files & Resources and Boost Content Delivery Speed

Gzip compression is another crucial step for reducing file size and boosting content delivery speed. If you don’t configure server to deliver gzipped web-site elements, the speed will be affected. On the contrary, compressed size decrease page size by one-third. If the amount of information sent is less, the speed of website increases tremendously. Note that gzipping is easy, and supported by all popular browsers and servers.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Make sure that your web-site is optimized for mobile devices, because half of your users are most likely to access the site via tablets and phones. If your online project is not designed with a layout for mobile experience, it may cut about a half of your e-commerce opportunities.

Implement a Content Delivery Network

If your target audience is spread around the globe, consider this excellent solution. A content delivery network will help to solve page load issues. With servers located in different geographical destinations, you can serve content right from these nodes, connecting a user to the nearest PoP. Wherever visitor is located, he will always get positive and easy shopping experience.

There are numerous methods of e-commerce web-site work optimization. Compress your images, gzip files and select a reliable web hosting provider, and your project will be doomed to success.

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