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22-12-2016 14:32 PM

Hundreds of offers for web-hosting from INXY

If you are in search of effective and affordable solutions for your web-hosting, INXY is the best place to make purchases. Need a CDN? We have a solution for hosting in any region:

  1. Tens of networks for hosting in North and South America: https://inxy.hosting/cdn-usa
  2. CDNs providing stable connection throughout the entire Europe: https://inxy.hosting/cdn-europe
  3. Solutions for end-users located in Russia (https://inxy.hosting/cdn-russia) and CIS region (https://inxy.hosting/cdn-cis).

Want a CDN with global coverage? Check for the most effective and productive networks on our page https://inxy.hosting/best-cdn. You will definitely figure out a solution that suits your demands.

If you elaborate a middle- or large-scale web-site, a dedicated server is a must-have, because it provides enough resources and excellent performance. Starters are recommended to try non-expensive and simple solutions: https://inxy.hosting/cheap-dedicated-servers. Depending on the location of your users, you can select an optimal location of your data-center and server. We have servers in the USA (https://inxy.hosting/dedicated-servers-usa), Europe (https://inxy.hosting/dedicated-servers-europe), and Russia (https://inxy.hosting/dedicated-servers-russia). More advanced users may look for resource-rich multi-core servers on https://inxy.hosting/best-dedicated-servers.

If you hesitate which solution is better for you, contact our support team, and we will help you to find a suitable configuration.

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