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11-10-2016 10:12 AM

How to Test Your CDN (on example of Cedexis Radar)

As soon as you choose a CDN provider and a certain product, it should be tested to make sure that this is a suitable network meeting all your demands. In fact, testing should be performed on all stages of using CDN, because its technical characteristics may alter together with demographics of your auditory. Here is a short example of what the testing of CDN performance metrics should be like.

Identify Your Audience And Purpose

Before starting checking the network, make clear where the auditory is located. If a CDN network performs well in Asia while the target auditory is located in Europe, that won’t be an effective solution. Secondly, state what the main purpose of your CDN is. For instance, if you are an E-commerce company, problems of latency and page load speed should be solved first and foremost. If your site delivers updates and downloads, throughput is the primary concern.

Testing Latency

CDN latency allows measuring raw speed of site loading. The lower, the better. You can also see latency spikes taking place in certain hours - this is when the users from the selected region are most active. You can compare latency of your CDN service with other providers’ networks to learn how well it works.

Throughput Measurement

Throughput is a criterion that shows how much data is transferred during a certain amount of time. The higher this number is, the faster users access pages. You can see that throughput index is usually different in various regions. Focus on locations where your target auditory lives. And don’t forget about it when comparing your throughput with measures of other networks – CDN hosting usually aims at specific regions.


Availability is the time when your site is accessible and does not experience down time. Generally, this metrics is important for all developers, and any project. If you have problems with availability, it may be caused by some kind of outage for one Point of Presence (PoP). This isn’t good, because users will be redirected to another PoP, which will increase latency and reduce throughput.

Any Other Suggestions?

 If you want to go further with your research, use other products together with Cedexis Radar. Perform tests on website and web application level to learn how CDN performance influences metrics important for your users. For example, SOASTA mPulse shows micro-outages and how they affect page load time and business metrics.

Identifying CDN performance metrics is crucial for keeping site loading under control. The more you know, the more you can do to improve users’ experience and optimize website work.

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