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29-12-2016 9:27 AM

How to create attractive titles and taglines for your web-site?

You may use the latest technologies for better web-site performance like CDN and dedicated servers, but if your content is not interesting for visitors, your site is doomed. How to attract more attention to your pages? Come up with eye-catching titles and taglines, and users will be more willing to read your articles and will remember then better, as well. How to create them, and what their importance is?

What are titles and taglines?

Title and tagline are the first things visitor sees before even visiting your web-site, so it s crucial to let them know what your business is about. Is it a blog? A portfolio? An e-commerce site? Whatever the purpose is, it should be clear.

The title is what you call your online-project. It helps to identify you. Tagline is a kind of subtitle that serves as some kind of advertisement slogan and further explains what the site is about.

How to make them catchy?

When you know what your site focuses on, it is simpler to create a name. If you still have some problems with it, try the following:

  1. Use phrases or adjectives that would describe you and your activities. They may highlight your qualities or advantages.
  2. Play upon words: misspell or invent new words connected with your business.

Always keep in mind what the purpose of your web-site is. If this is a blog, you have more freedom in making up words, if that’s a business web-site, you should come up with something more comprehensible.

If your web-site is an online portfolio (for instance, you are a photographer, copywriter or lawyer), it is always a good idea to use your name for the title. That may seem to be too simple, but it will make your personality more popular and memorable.

Rules of creating a good tagline

A high-quality tagline also helps people remember your project. Good taglines have the following peculiarities:

  1. They a short (no more than 60 characters), and a fully displayed in search results.
  2. They complement the title without repeating it serving as some kind of context.
  3. They stand out of the crowd and tell visitors something about your project other businesses don’t.

With so many web-sites in the Net it becomes harder to get audience. However, with creative titles and taglines you will get much more attention.

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