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11-11-2016 10:31 AM

How to Boost The Speed of WordPress Site?

WordPress is considered to be one of the most convenient and user-friendly platforms for web-site creation. If you run a project on WordPress, you will find these tricks and methods interesting and useful. These are optimization techniques that all WordPress users should consider.

Choose a Suitable Web Hosting Provider

Probably, this is the most important step in improvement of your WordPress web-site. When you are searching for a web host, keep in mind that we always get what we pay for. If you want no disappointment, do not work with extremely cheap hosts – as a rule, they are not worth trying. When making choice, pay attention to provider’s reputation and reviews, quality of customer support and the ratio of quality and price.

If you don’t know what to choose from, consider using services of INXY. This company helps clients to find suitable dedicated servers and CDNs, having wide choice of configurations and products. Price rates are more than agreeable, and user pays only for the resources he needs. Besides, client support team helps to perform all settings on WordPress.

Select a WordPress Theme That Loads Rapidly

Before you buy some theme, check how long it loads and choose what can be transferred fast. Some users recommend themes from Themeforest, because this service has got a huge choice and decent support. When you have selected a few themes, test them the following way:

  1. Copy the address (URL) of the demo site.
  2. Open a website with speed testing tools (for instance, Pingdom or GTMetrix), and check which theme loads faster.

Leverage a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

 Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of several interconnected servers located in different places. How does it help? Data from the origin server is cached on edge servers, and end-users are connected to the closest servers (their locations are also called points of presence, or PoPs). Thus, the distance for data travel is decreased greatly, what minimizes loading time for a user accessing your website from a certain location.

If you select a good provider, he will help you to set up W3 Total Cache plugin that also minifies HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A content delivery network balances server load, saves bandwidth and improves performance. As soon as you select a CDN provider and hosting plan, do not rush to activate the network: do the following. First, create a pull zone (when you do that, you will see the screen of zone configuration). When you finish setting up pull zone, you should download W3 Total Cache plugin. It it a versatile alternative to multiple plugins for performance enhancement. It is capable of HTML minifying, caching, , CSS & JS minifying and more. This plugin is already used by more than million of web-sites.

Configure CDN and W3 Total Cache

As soon as W3 Total Cache is installed, you will see navigation panel on the left side of your WordPress administration page. There, you will see “Performance” item, open it and go to “General Settings” and “Page Cache” option. Activate this option, and choose “Disk Enhanced”. Enable “Minify” option and choose “Manual” mode. After that, enable CDN and save settings.

Open CDN control panel and choose “Performance“. Enable CSS and JS minifying, canonical header, host attachments, and host custom files. When this step is finished, make sure that you are logged to your account in another window. Click “Authorize” button – a new window with the authorization code will be opened. Copy it and get back to WordPress CDN settings. Paste the code in “Authorization Key” field and “Validate“. SSL support can be set in “Auto” mode. Save your settings.

Download “WP Smush“ Plugin

 “WP Smush” is a plugin that compresses images without loss of quality, thus, making them weight less on a server. It helps to boost site speed considerably, which is especially important for those whose sites are full of images. Besides, it will save your time – you won’t have to work with pictures in photo-editing software to customize their size appropriately.

Download “WP Optimize“ Plugin

 This plugin helps to get rid of span and unapproved replies, checks for trash posts and cleans them, optimizes database, etc. All options in this plugin should be selected carefully, because it directly affects the database. Before making any changes to WP Optimize, make a backup of data restore in case something goes wrong. Activate options “Clean all post revisions” and “Remove spam comments in trash”.

Better don’t activate “Clean all auto draft posts & posts in trash” option, because sometimes you may leave useful posts unpublished. You don’t want to lose them, right? Unnecessary posts may be cleared from trash manually – it’s safe and easy.

The option “Remove unapproved comments” is also not necessary, if you want to check and approve real comments on your post – the system cannot always differentiate between spam, advertisement and genuine replies.

You may see some more options under “Actions” section. It’s better not to choose “optimize database tables” option, if you use lot of plugins and custom theme to avoid being messed up. If you don’t know exactly how this option works, ignore it.

All these manipulations take about 30-40 minutes, and bring outstanding positive effects. Dedicated a bit of your time to WordPress optimization, and you will see considerable improvement of website speed in the first week.

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