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02-12-2016 9:35 AM

How to boost server efficiency?

Data-centers always invent new ways for improving server efficient, because organizations have a lot of requirements concerning cooling efficiency, power consumption and performance to run critical applications. How do IT managers can make their servers more efficient without damage to cloud security? There are several ways to do that: virtualization, usage of monitoring tools, and server refreshment. Let’s take a closer look of each method.


If you don’t have money or willing to invest into infrastructure and buy extra servers, get the most of the servers you already have. How? Virtualization is an appropriate solution. Virtual server is one computer that functions as many. Virtualization is possible due to some sophisticated software that divides computer’s hard disk into several parts that act like a separate hard drive each. What is the advantage of virtualization? It allows using several operating systems on one machine. It also helps to reduce expenses considerably and save some space.

Management Tools

Using of management tools allows optimizing performance of server per watt, and increasing its uptime. For example, even one management tool can utilize power management policies, maximizing the available resources. Besides, such tools provide a point where you can define server’s state in the data-center, which will help you to make decisions basing on workload assignments in different servers. With such tools, you will distribute resources wisely and get maximum capacity.

Invest into fresh models

If you lack server efficiency, probably, it’s time to switch to a more advanced solution? Server refreshment is a great way to improve server efficiency. So invest into the latest technologies that provide better energy efficiency and better CPU gains. Specialists recommend refreshing servers every three years to make sure your company has enough resources. Server refresh give you an opportunity to be prepared for the future. No matter what customers’ demands will be – your server will provide necessary resources and performance. And remember: you should invest into servers that meet the requirements of your organization and are optimized for customer applications. Don’t hesitate to ask your provider if he has better solutions for you to switch, if you want to continue partnership.

Each company wants to have the most productive and quickest servers in their data-centers. Such methods as virtualization, management tools and advanced server models will ensure that your servers are much more performant. This way, you will save money and avoid expanding the existing infrastructure.

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