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26-12-2016 9:51 AM

How to attract more visitors with the help of Pinterest

Pinterest has become one of the world’s major social media, getting more referrals than Reddit, Twitter and StumbleUpon together. If you haven’t considered Pinterest for growing your traffic, it’s high time to start using this web-site.

Luckily, it is not difficult to get an account on Pinterest and grow the popularity around your company. There are many tactics that will help you to benefit from this platform greatly, and boost traffic. By introducing your company and content in Pinterest, you increase the amount of users considerably. This article will help you to understand how Pinterest works, and what a good strategy for your web-site is.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site that presents links like ‘pins’. They are displayed according to users’ interests, settings and previous actions. By clicking on a pin, a user sees the image and short description, by clicking one more time he is taken to the source page.

The pins can be shared with other users, or saved in public and private boards. You can also search for interesting pins with the help of special search.

5 ways to benefit from Pinterest and get audience

Like in other social media campaigns, it is important to figure out an appropriate strategy to get more referrals. Which tactics these may be?

1. Introduce Pinterest share buttons to your pages

For Pinterest to start working as a referral tool, it should first be introduced to your platform. You should enable social share buttons. Do that one of the following ways:

  • If you use Jetpack, just enable social share buttons.
  • Alternatively, you can implement Pinterest button to add the Pin button to posts, pages and images.
  • More customization options are provided by Mashshare plugin, or Social Share Buttons in WordPress.

2. Use Pinterest-Specific Graphics on Your Website

When you share content, Pinterest automatically chooses images from your page or web-site. Some kinds of graphic perform better than others and get more clicks. How to create such images? First, use appropriate dimensions (typical pin size is 736px x 1104px). Secondly, you may add text overlays , titles and descriptions on your images making users click on them.

3. Use Rich Pins

These provide additional information about pins, encouraging users to click. There are six types of rich pins that provide extra features.

4. Activate SNAP to automate pins

Social Networks Auto-Poster plugin allows scheduling your pins (shares and tweets) and makes them automatically. With this platform, you can also work with messages, images, etc.

5. Join a board on Pinterest

You may also join some group boards. This way, thousands of users would be able to see your shared pins and content. There even separate strategies for successful group boarding, and you can work out your own one.

These solutions will add to your traffic, but to manage it properly, you should order dedicated server hosting or CDN service. This way, you will be prepared for huge growth of visitors.



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