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21-12-2016 11:06 AM

Happy New Year Hot Sales from INXY!

INXY launches a huge New Year’s sale of dedicated servers. Pay now and the service will be free of charge in December and January. The offer is valid until December 31st.

We offer the following configurations with 100 mbps of traffic included and 1 gbps port for great prices:

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

DELL 1950 / 2 x Xeon 5110DC/4GB RAM/2x450 SAS - €90/month

Supermicro 813MTQ-350C / X10SL7-F / E3-1230V3 / 16 GB RAM / 2x2TB SATA - €100/month

DELL 2950 / Dual Xeon 5110/16Gb/2x73GB SAS/4x1TB SATA - €120/month

DELL R200 / Quad Core X3330 / 8GB / 2 x 300GB SAS 15K RPM - €100/month

DELL R710 / 2x Quad Core L5506 / 48GB / 6x 300GB SAS 15K/iDRAC - €220/month

Dallas, USA:

DELL R510/2xE5645/16GB RAM/10x3Tb SATA/H700/DRAC - $250/month

DELL R310/1xX3440/16GB/2x3TB SATA/1x120GB SSD EDGE/H200/DRAC - $130/month

Our advantages:

  • Reliable datacenters;
  • High uptime;
  • Stable connection.

We are ready to build a personal configuration that suits your demands – the offer is applicable to any server leased in December. Start the New Year with a new server!

Contact us to make an order: live-chat on or Skype

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