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04-05-2017 10:42 AM

Did you know what your server is capable of?

In fact, when you order a dedicated server or another web hosting solution, you get a lot of features and services with it (for free or additional fee). Find out what features you can use daily with your server infrastructure: you server can do much more than you know.

Load Balancer

The load balancer allows handling a huge traffic torrent. If many people try to access your website, it distributes load over other servers and prevents downtime and website failure.


This option is also called “hot-add-resize”. Whenever you need it, you can adjust dedicated server’s resources as RAM, SSD storage, etc. while it is on the run. You don’t have to restart your web hosting server, and the website won’t be inaccessible for some time. This is a great feature for the projects experiencing traffic fluctuations.

Shared Storage

Shared storage option allows using the same external hard disk space with different servers simultaneously. You can assign access rights for the servers: full access, edition or reading only. Storage can be reduced or added.

Firewall Management

The best web hosting companies help users to specify their own firewall guidelines and assign them to dedicated servers. To top it off, external firewall will filter traffic in datacenter network, and you can define international firewall settings precisely.

Back Up

Backup is a reserve copy of all the data and folders on your dedicated server. No matter what kind of server you use, with a decent provider you can have simply administered and well times backups. They will be stored in company’s datacenter and available whenever you need.


This is a standout feature of some providers and it resembles backup with one major difference: snapshots are automatically erased in 3 days. Therefore, this option is not appropriate for long-term data storage, but can come handy for testing new software and rearranging server data. Note that you can make a new snapshot only when the previous one is deleted after 3 days. Besides, you should shut server down before taking a snapshot as it may result in data loss.


With this backup feature, a reserve copy of the entire server (not only data stored on it) is created, so you can totally restore your web hosting server in case of failure. Additionally, you can create a new server based on the image, e.g. make a clone of the original server. Images may be generated automatically at pre-defined intervals and then stored in the cloud panel. Note that you cannot edit the server while image is being generated.

The additional options add up to server functionality and make your data safe and secure.

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