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20-12-2016 9:06 AM

Decluttering a web-site for better performance

If you run a web-site, you should pay attention to organizing space in a consistent manner. It is not hard to make it cleaner and optimize performance. Site content is important, but its speed and the quality of work matter a lot, as well. Here are some steps for getting rid of unnecessary files and options to improve web hosting.

Reinstall useless plugins

Despite the fact that plugins are essential elements of WordPress and other sites, some of them are not helpful, or are poorly coded. If you don't use a plugin, get rid of it. Besides, replace some of them with multi-functional plugins that offer many options.

Improve navigation

Look at your navigation from a user's standpoint. Ensure that your navigation panel features only really necessary categories for easy search. Tags and widgets will simplify access for your visitors.

If your web-site is abundant with links, use a mega menu. It provides huge lists of information, but makes navigation comprehensible.

Optimize content

If your web-site is full of content, organize and structure it properly. Remember to apply headings: H1 for titles and H2 with H3 for sub-headings to divide text and make it more comprehensible for reader. Basic formatting can do wonders with your web-site: inclusion of lists, headers, quotes and links make reading simpler and more enjoyable, helping users to understand information better.

Check relevancy

Use media in your site that relates to the subject. Update content from time to time and make sure you don't have broken links.

Make regular updates

Keep your plugins and themes up-to-date, watch for the latest patches and check whether all they are compatible. Before making updates, it is recommended to create a backup copy of your web-site. It will be helpful if one of plugins breaks. By the way, WordPress provides plugins for simple backups.

Check the speed of your web-site

If you or your users have noticed that the web-site started loading too slowly, you should find the cause of it. Order a hosting tariff that is adequate for your web traffic: shared and virtual hosting may be not enough in some cases. Moreover, examine your themes and active plugins: some of them are resource-heavy. Test all plugins before and after downloading them.

Refresh your admin panel

Admin area is also as important as the web-site itself, and there is a lot to optimize. You can start from removing themes that are no longer used. Spammy comments should be deleted, as well, since they degrade the image of your project. Some plugins prevent posting of spam comments. Also delete the old posts from the trash bin completely, because they also require space. Fix broken links: it may either be done manually, or with the help of plugins. Clean your database and disable unneeded elements.

Server hosting means a lot for web-site speed, but keeping it clean also allows improving performance and users’ experience considerably.

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