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09-12-2016 10:14 AM

CDN for Russia: Why is it Important?

Many international enterprises start expanding their presence in Russia, because this market is becoming more and more attractive. If you also want to increase revenue, and aim to gain new audience, launching business in Russia would be a great idea. Here is why.

Recent statistics show that the Russian Internet market provides enormous potential for growth and revenue. But, of course, like many new markets like Brazil and China, Russia has some challenges from technical and legal standpoint. How to overcome these challenges and reach Russian audience? There is one effective and affordable solution. Consider working with a global web acceleration solution provider and implement a CDN with servers in Russia.

Why Russian market has become so popular?

- Russia has become a member of World Trade Organization, which allowed reducing import tariffs by 6%.

- With more than 62 million users online, Russia presents the 7th largest online presence on Earth.

- According to some sources, Russian economy is going to overtake Germany, having the 2nd largest GDP in Europe.

- Russia has the biggest online population in Europe, and e-commerce is becoming more and more significant. It alters Russian market considerably – the number of tech-savvy consumers is growing.

- Surveys show: many Russians agree that higher spending power means being happier.

- Russian market is one of four largest emerging markets with IT expenditures about $62 billion in 2012.

Russian businesses seek for technologies and software outside the country. Consumers buy more electronic and appliances, good for household as well as personal items, such as clothing, jewelry and cosmetics. Modern European and US companies realize that Russian consumers are tech-savvy population who also needs fast access to web-sites, networks and software.

Thus, if you want to develop your business in Russia, it is important to ensure stable and fast loading of your e-commerce sites, since the number of users is enormous. We would be happy to provide you with points of presence in Russia as well as our knowledge to deliver you static and dynamic content in milliseconds. We can help you to navigate your unique business due to our excellent solutions and outstanding service.

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