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06-01-2017 9:33 AM

8 tips to boost web performance

If you have noticed that your web-site is running a bit slowly, don’t rush to change the provider or hosting solution. There are 8 easy but efficient ways to boost the speed and performance of your web-site.

1. Clean HTML Document

When creating HTML, you should try to make it effective and yet as short as possible. Besides, when there is need for referencing other resources in your HTML document, you may practice the following: 

  • Place CSS properly. It is recommended to put CSS in the beginning of HTML document to make rendering faster. Due to this method, users will have to wait less for page loading. At least when all visual elements are loaded, they would be more willing to wait for full page opening.
  • Place JacaScript correctly. If you also put it in the heading, loading process of HTML and CSS elements will be blocked. To prevent it, place JavaScript in the bottom of your HTML.

2. Reduce the number of external HTTP requests

Often, a large part of site loading comes because of external HTTP requests. You don’t realize how much bandwidth it may steal. Analyze your web-pages and get rid of any features that degrade performance of your visitors. These may include:

  • Useless images.
  • Unnecessary JavaScript and plugins.
  • Excessive CSS.

As soon as you declutter your web-site, reduce the weight of content that remains. Compression tools and CDN will be helpful for that.

3. Minify CSS, JavaScritpt and HTML

Thanks to this option, you will reduce the number of unneeded characters within a file. Indentations and notes used for code writhing add extra bytes to documents.

4. Use Prefetching

Prefetching allows extracting necessary resources and data before they are requested. There are 3 available types of prefetching: link, DNS and prerendering. This option is easy to activate. Choose the file, and add a tag rel="dns-prefetch" or rel="prerender" to the attributes in web-site HTML.

5. Boost the speed with the help of CDN

A content delivery network can increase the speed and performance of your web-site by caching static content and storing it on servers distributed around the world. This is very important, if you have visitors from different continents. CDN allows user getting data from the nearest server. Besides, files are compressed automatically to be delivered quickly around the world.

If you don’t want to order a CDN, there is another useful caching technique - browser caching. Thanks to it, you can store some files within browser cache to be delivered quicker.

6. Compress files

If you don’t use a CDN, consider using another thing for file compression. Gzip compression shrinks various files (audio, documents, PNG), making it easy to manage your web-site and content. Brotli is another algorithm for compression that is only gaining popularity.

7. Use image optimization

Images can really slow a web-site down, especially if there are too many of them. Massive bulks of high-resolution pictures weight tens of megabytes degrading site performance. You can use special tools for image compression to eliminate unnecessary details from image information. Note that their quality won’t be affected anyway. However, if you want to optimize picture further, you may use lossy compression that reduces more data from image and spoils its quality slightly.

8. Apply a Minimalistic Framework

Another method of optimization is usage of minimal framework. Yes, some large frameworks provide extra features and options, but you don’t necessarily need all of them. It is crucial to identify what exactly you need. Some of frameworks provide a lot of useful features (for instance, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes) being lightweight. Make sure that your framework is not affected by excessive codes, HTTP requests and huge images.

Performance optimization may seem to be a hard task, but these simple methods allow making your pages faster and improving users’ experience greatly. Use our tips, and you will see considerable improvement of your online-project.

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