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15-02-2017 9:49 AM

50 Quick SEO Tips (Part 1)

SEO is what partially defines the success of each web-site. Pay attention to these quick tips: they don’t require much time and effort to be implemented, and the effects are great.

  1. Avoid using “#” in URLs, because Google robots do not support URLs with this symbol.
  2. To optimize your mobile pages, use Google Search Console’s Fetch and Render tool: it will show how mobile search on your web-site is performed for users.
  3. Reject using AJAX-Crawling scheme and migrate web-sites using it.
  4. If you donate to non-profit and charity sites for backlink, this is against Google rules.
  5. If your sitemap may have up to 50,000 URLs, now you can have a compressed version of 50 Mb.
  6. If your business is local, you may start using emojis in your content. Recently, Google launched the campaign #KnowNearby in Twitter, but it may soon be observed in the local search.
  7. Start using video, because this is one of the most attractive kind of content. Use backlinks, tailor it for interaction with users.
  8. If you own a real store, use Google Adwords to track users’ locations and store the information about visits to find out what geographic regions and locations have the most in-store purchases.
  9. Monitor your backlinks in Google Search Console and delete them once in a month.
  10. When optimizing content, include more keywords relevant to voice search. This kind of search will soon be more and more spread especially among mobile users.
  11. Launch Google AMP to accelerate mobile search. Google will serve AMP pages even if your web-site is not mobile optimized.
  12. Place your links on relevant web-sites only. If Google notices any suspicious manipulations, all links (including good ones) will be devaluated.
  13. Although most SEO marketers claim that unlinked citations are of no value, they can matter in the future. Bots become smarter in searching information, so having your web-site mentioned without links is also a good idea.
  14. Do not strive to place as many links as you can in directories. Better pay attention to the directories of the highest quality (Yelp, Google +, Yellow Pages, etc.) – that will add relevance to your web-site.
  15. Do not use widget links specifically for link building. If you use widgets, it should be better aimed at increasing brand popularity and improving user experience.
  16. Ensure that linking structure on your web-site is well organized. Note that footer and header links are not very valuable. Internal linking allows Google better navigate your web-site.
  17. While migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, do not change anything else on your web-site. Otherwise, Google may not acknowledge all the changes.
  18. Canonical tags do not really help to save budget. Search engines also have to check duplicates to ensure that they are duplicates at all.
  19. Strive to make your web-site as quick as possible. Ideally, it should load within 2-3 seconds to provide excellent user experience and have the project ranked well. You can optimize content and use various tools and plugins for analyzing and improving site speed.
  20. Change Twitter URL on Twitter Cards.
  21. The same applies to Facebook. Open Graph markup will make sure that your posts are reflected in Facebook.
  22. If you have an e-commerce web-site, and don’t use Instagram, it’s high time to create an account. Instagram has special feature for retailers, and soon they may become available for more companies, so be quick to join them.
  23. Digital assistants are becoming more widespread. Use Google Home and Amazon Echo to find out how to make your brand show up in the Top 10 in the results page.
  24. Recently, Google launched a special planning feature in their Knowledge Graph. If you have local business, or you are a travel company, you can make travel guides that may appear to be very helpful for both customers and the company.
  25. Time to start using customer service on Facebook. Thanks to it, you can sell and buy via Facebook Messenger and become one of few brands doing it well.
  26. Get the most advantage from LinkedIn ads. They allow tracking conversions and find out how many users are converted from the sponsored content.
  27. If you use Google Adwords, implement ads like “Shop the look” to attract mobile searchers.
  28. Make a 360-degree video for Facebook – this trend continues growing in popularity.
  29. Make your web-site appear in Google’s Search Live results. To get your project included in the list, start using AMP pages, structure data markup and Atom XML feed. After that, you will need to complete a form.
  30. Reddit is in the Top-10 of the USA largest web-sites. This is where your brand should be, so start trying their sponsored content ads.
  31. If you have local business and have Facebook group or page, you can specifically target your posts for some geographical locations and exclude them.
  32. Now your customers can start browsing the local store within Google, if you have Google’s Local Inventory Ad program.
  33. Have the age of your domain indexed – it is crucial for ranking. Competing against companies that has been present on the market for years and years is difficult.
  34. Your link profile should be adequate, because search engines evaluate links to check the overall quality and relevance of your web-site and brand.
  35. Pay attention to the quality of content on your web-site. If you have copied content and something that is not relevant anymore, it will only spoil the image of your web-site. Create unique and interesting content for your users.
  36. The same applied to your duplicated content hosted externally. If you have duplicated content posted on some other web-sites, contact the webmaster and ask to remove it.
  37. Customer citations are of much importance now. Give them an opportunity to review and evaluate your products by leaving a comment or assigning grades. Search engines use that in ranking, too.
  38. Analyze the pages that are most frequently abandoned and find out why users do that. Consider changing and revising exit pages to increase the time spent on your web-site.
  39. If you have low click-through-rate, try rewriting your meta descriptions.
  40. If some of your old content still attracts traffic, make a new post with similar information and fresh content.
  41. Double-indexing may lead to content duplication. Check to see whether money pages are indexed with ‘site: domain’.
  42. One page should use only one H1 tag.
  43. FAQ pages have always been important. If you have time, read your FAQ page and rewrite them to that to include more keyword terms.
  44. PageRank is of no longer importance – Google removed it. So when comparing your web-site with projects of competitors, use other alternatives as Moz’s Domain Authority.
  45. If you have decided to redesign your web-site, better hire a SEO marketer who will perform troubleshooting and suggest the best practices for your project.
  46. Before posting, create image ALT attributes and include relevant keywords and phrases.
  47. You should not necessarily have only one sitemap. If you want Google to pay specific attention to a particular section of your web-site, you can create separate sitemaps for images, videos, profiles or blog posts.
  48. Place rel=canonical tags on each page of your web-site (they direct search engines to the main page). These tags reduce confusion when another site analyzes your content.
  49. If you have dynamic URLs (like www.myhosting.com/?mode=1-list=1 ), you should go to Google Search Console and adjust the settings for crawling your content. That helps to reduce content duplication.
  50. If someone in the Net uses your content, make sure that they place the rel=canonical tag that directs to the original page on your web-site.

With these recommendations, your chances to get to the Top-10 on the results page will be much higher.

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