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30-01-2017 12:58 PM

5 trends in data center and cloud technologies in 2017

Web-hosting technologies are constantly being developed, and cloud computing is evolving at a very high speed. What do specialists predict for the present year, and how to get ready for the future?

Today, 5 basic trends for the storage and cloud market are outlined by IT professionals:

1. Multi-cloud will become the new must-have. Many companies start investing into both public and private clouds, because this is a great option for infrastructure expansion and data storage. Besides, many companies will be committed to several cloud providers simultaneously. The main challenge here is to make services user-friendly and productive across several clouds. Without it, enterprise development would be inefficient.

2. Temporary storage will be of higher importance. The demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning is quickly growing (which presupposes short-term storage and analysis of data). Despite the need for temporary data storage grows, most of data will quickly outlive its usefulness and be deleted/forgot. Besides, together with data growth, the growth of storage won’t be so great.

3. More CDN (content delivery networks) will become easily customizable. It is not a secret that some companies overpay for PoPs they don’t need. The alternative to it are either more expensive and complicated solutions, or do-it-yourself networks. It is expected that more companies will built their own CDNs exploiting public clouds and software-driven infrastructure. Although a DIY CDN is not a fully-fledged solution (means it is not supported by the whole range of services), it is a less expensive option than a traditional network.

4. Machine learning is going to be built into platforms of various services and companies. Interestingly, many enterprises will adopt machine learning in 2017 without even realizing that. A lot of sellers use machine learning to make products and services smarter. In some solutions, machine learning will come as an update patch or as an extra option.

5. Metadata will be monetized as new revenue streams. Many large companies (for instance, Facebook and Google) collect and store a tremendous amount of metadata. Many enterprises will follow their examples. This kind of information will be more and more relevant, being analyzed for better understanding of customer’s behavior.  Analyzing of metadata related to customer gives a better insight of clients’ needs, so a lot of vendors will put the focus on the technology.

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, take these technologies into consideration and use them for better promotion of your business.



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