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15-09-2017 10:24 AM

5 Splendid CDN Service Providers For Video Streaming: Pros And Cons

When you opt for starting your own streaming platform, there are two things you should prioritize: a decent technology framework, and an efficient content delivery network (CDN). When it comes to streaming, the kind of technology you select mainly depends on the type of streaming you’re going to host on your website. Whatever you plan to do – live streaming, entertainment, video sharing – consider CDN networks offered by INXY.HOSTING. It provides networks with customizable options and exclusive services.

What Should Be Taken Into Account When Selecting a CDN Service?

Almost every CDN provider has solutions that support video streaming. However, each service comes with its own pros and cons. While picking up a CDN service, you should consider a few factors.

Geographical Distribution

A good CDN is the one that helps you to reach all target audiences, no matter where they’re spread. Therefore, prior to choosing a content delivery network, you should think over geographical distribution. Some of more or less popular video streaming CDNs are sparsely presented in certain regions, especially, Asia. Therefore, regional CDN services can sometimes be better ways to meet local needs.

The Size of Event

This is a crucial point. A large-scale even would require a special CDN to deliver media to all users. Today, there are not so many streaming CDNs that support massive broadcasting.

Amount of Financial Investment

Your budget and financial possibilities can help to define which CDN services would be suitable. If you can’t let CDN take a bite on your wallet, select a CDN that would come at a fraction of the cost. Some CDN solutions require a large upfront investment.

5 Video Streaming CDNs We Recommend

Armed with above mentioned considerations, you can choose through the five cool CDN providers we work with.

1. Edgecast

Edgecast joined Verizon digital media services, which allowed the company to expand the infrastructure. Now it’s a vast network of servers spread across various regions. Edgecast is a rare CDN service that provides live streaming support and helps to handle traffic fluctuations easily. On the contrary with most other CDN companies, Edgecast offers CDN services aimed at dynamic content distribution together with static content, which allows user to transfer streams rapidly. With excellent analytic tools, you will have a lot of useful information at your disposal to develop and grow website” they come with regular updates and server reports. Edgecast CDN is created for rich media, and it is compatible with Silverlight, Flash and HTTP.

2. HighWinds

In order to enable efficient and quick video delivery, HighWinds leveraged EveryStream technology. A user only needs to upload a single asset, and the technology will make renditions optimized for various devices and network conditions (this is called “transcoding”). A simple and intuitive interface can be used to make playlists, check analytics, tag media files with metadata and so on. Transmux allows segmenting media content for multi-bitrate streaming. IPTV and OTT add for perfect user experience, and video player ensures high-quality of video files. HighWinds is one of the quickest platforms for streaming and broadcasting.


This is a great variant for users who target audience in Europe and the United States and offers servers from Dell, Cisco, APC and other reputable vendors with facilities supported by advanced datacenters. UCDN has recently introduced high-quality HTTP live streaming protocol and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP protocol. That means web-masters can transfer media files over a large number of servers to thousands viewers simultaneously.  UCDN handles traffic fluctuations seamlessly and provides the full spectrum of security options including HTTP/2 Support and Shared SSL certificates, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate authority, and limitation of access for visitors based on geography and other points. UCDN will soon implement IPv6 support to replace outdated IPv4.

4. AhCDN

Remember we mentioned that it’s hard to find a network for streaming with datacenters in Asia? The main benefit of AhCDN is that it provides a lot of PoPs not in Europe and the USA only, but also in Russia several Asian cities, as well (these include Seoul, Tokyo, Hong King and Singapore). Its special videoCDN solutions are created specifically for streaming and broadcasting, and Anycast CDN makes delivery even faster. The range of delivered objects fascinates: you can transfer anything starting from files over 20 MB and HD video, and finishing by HLS streaming, rtsp:// streaming and 3gp files for mobile devices. Being present on the market over 14 years, AhCDN knows how to make user experience better and has many additional services and features. These include firewall and security options, intuitive control panel, IPv6, SSL encryption and HTTP2 support, etc.

5. CDNNow

This CDN was also created to meet the challenge of delivering heavy content including software, games, e-book, mobile apps and, of course, videos. It’s a flexible solution for transfer of video content in demanded format. CDNNow can be used to organize video and audio broadcasting on your website efficiently and quickly. Even if several thousand visitors access video content from various locations, you can be sure there won’t be failures and downtime. CDNNow networks balance server load perfectly, and optimal video format is transcoded automatically to meet user’s demands. Broadcasting to mobile platforms is also possible. To top it off, CDNNow ensures stable protection against DDoS attacks and illegal content distribution.

Ordering any of these networks in INXY.HOSTING you can negotiate a price and get a personal offer. Prices start from $10/month only! Isn’t it a pretty sweet concept? Besides, we work on pay-as-you-go system and do not require contracts.

Picking up the right CDN is more important than you may think. Take your requirements, purposes and the kinds of planned streaming services into consideration before making a leap. Think of the 5 splendid CDN solutions offered by INXY.HOSING and select a service that appeals to you.

  • Could geographical distribution be the most important consideration when choosing a CDN provider? I understand that one needs to also consider the geographical location of the majority of site visitors.
  • Sure, I think geographical distribution should be the priority when choosing a CDN. You need not sign up with a CDN without a server at the same region where you have the highest number of visitors. Thanks for the post.
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