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27-12-2016 9:31 AM

10 questions about CDN and web performance optimization

Content delivery network (CDN) is a technology that is constantly developing and improving. This is a growing network of servers connected together and spread across the entire globe. CDN helps to make data and content delivery faster, improves the quality of web page loading downloading and uploading. As the result, it contributes to better end-users’ experience and satisfaction.

How does CDN help with improvement of web performance? We present 10 most frequently asked questions about it and ample answers to it.

1. Why CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

CDN is a system of interconnected edge servers and one origin server that allow rapidly delivering any type of content (static and dynamic), saving time of users and accelerating web-page loading. CDN protects web-site from slowing and breakdowns, being a fail-safe system. In case of heavy traffic it distributes the load evenly between edge servers, guaranteeing network security and perfect customers’ experience.

2. Is CDN a must-have for every web-site?

Actually, not for all web-sites. CDN network will be helpful for web-sites visited by users from different regions and continents. If a web-site is visited by users locally, e.g. from one certain place, CDN will have no point.

3. Are all CDN networks work the same way?

No, CDN networks services differ from one company to another. Every service provider offers different configurations and additional services. To decide on a CDN solution, you should take into account your needs and peculiarities of target customers.

4. What is better: implementing a CDN or using several data centers?

Choosing a CDN solution is much more effective and affordable than multiple data-centers. You will need to spend less money and time for a CDN: just order a suitable network, and it will ensure stable access for users from preferred regions. Expansion of infrastructure is much more costly and difficult.

5. Is CDN suitable for mobile users?

Undoubtedly, content delivery networks may greatly improve the experience of mobile users. However, the technology should be used widely to reach considerable positive effect.

6. Will CDN ensure 100% presence of website in the Net?

Vast majority of CDN service providers guarantee total 100% web presence on the market despite such issues as power outage, problems with software or hardware, and other complications with network. If one of servers fails, others will be available for users.

7. Should top-ranked web-sites use CDN?

This is a debatable issue. You would be surprised, but almost 80% of the most popular e-commerce sites have no idea what CDN is. It can be explained by the fact that large sites may afford development of infrastructure with the help of multiple data-centers. However, if you need a cost-effective solution, CDN will be ideal in your case.

8. What is better for quicker content delivery: CDN or front-end optimization?

In fact, most companies who want to boost web-page delivery speed dramatically opt for both methods and compliment it with an application delivery controller (ADC).

9. Will CDN be helpful for video streamlining?

Of course, CDN will considerably improve the speed and quality of video streaming. This technology improves web performance to a great degree and delivers stream video from page to page without slowing and errors. Use of CDN decreases the chance of packet loss and makes up for better recovery in case some pieces of data were lost during transfer.

10. How CDN will evolve further on?

Today, web-site owners may easily afford this technology. A few years earlier, CDN services were more expensive, but now they are becoming more and more popular, costing less. CDN is expected to help in 60-70% of data delivery by 2019.

Hope these 10 questions and answers helped you to understand better what CDN (content delivery network) is, and how it helps to improve web performance.  

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