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24-05-2017 10:16 AM

10 Mistakes that lower conversion rate on your website (Part 2)

We continue describing the mistakes that can kill conversion rates on your website. While it is important to pay attention to your homepage, other aspects also should not be ignored. Here is what you should avoid, if you want to boost revenue.

1. Using one Type of Content

There is no versatile type of content that every single user likes. To make your website attractive, post content in different formats: tweets, infographics, videos, etc. Provide audience with the whole gamut of content, and let them decide what they like more.

2. Using Stock Photos

Visual constituent is a must for every website, because it makes up for more effective communication with visitors. But stock photos and images is not what attracts users. Adding photos of happy smiling people that are not connected with your business anyhow is meaningless. Post only relevant pictures that will help readers to understand the topic better.

3. Absence of Hierarchy

The content on your website should also be easy to find, so you should not only post images relevant to your pages, but also organize it all smartly. Include informative headings for people to get the right message.

4. Absence of Trust Indicators

Nothing impresses potential customers better than reviews of the loyal clients. They add to credibility of your business and give more relevant information about your products. The reviews should be real messages of people who tried your products and services, and must contain person’s name and ideally her or his photo. If you have some well-known clients, let customers know about it.

5. Creating texts only for SEO

Although texts should contain key words and phrases, keep in mind that you create content for real people. Readers are not robots, and they value well-written texts with keywords that look naturally inside the text. First and foremost, write for people, not for search engines.

6. Lack of Targeted Landing Pages

When a visitor opens your website, he expects to see the content relating to the keyword types in search bar. Target them to a landing page that will provide this exact information (not necessarily homepage), and you will be guaranteed to have many thankful loyal clients. Additionally, bounce rates will decrease considerably.

7. Not Motivating Customers to Leave Reviews

If your client base is pretty huge, why not asking them to write a review about experience of working with your company? Client made reviews ensure higher rankings by search engines and serve as a source of organic traffic.

8. Ignoring to Social Media

This is a debatable issue, because not all webmasters support developing company in social media. However, even if it doesn’t improve your SEO rankings, it can attract more targeted traffic to your website. Gather info about your clients to establish effective communication via social media platforms. Watching updates and news about your company in social networks they will likely visit your website to get more info.

9. Having no Contact Details on Your Site

Many websites have contact information only on their contact page, which sometimes makes users leave page without having answers to their questions. To avoid such situation, place contact details on header or footer of your website, and create contact form. It should include your phone number and physical location.

10. Absence of Search Box

Together with a functional menu, your website should also have a search box for you to find the required information. It eases website navigation and makes visitors enjoy surfing your website. They find desired products in a few seconds and orders follow.

Do your best to ensure convenience and interest of your visitors, and it will quickly pay off!

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