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11-05-2017 10:13 AM

10 Mistakes that lower conversion rate on your website (Part 1)

Many webmasters optimize their websites without taking into account tried practices and experts’ recommendations. While a few years ago the competition wasn’t so tough and it was enough to have a more or less attractive website, today the situation is different. The design of website allows gaining and retaining target audience, therefore influencing conversion rated.

Studies show that the homepage of website plays crucial role in conversion rates, that’s why you should think over the design and site features thoroughly. According to the statistics, about 20% of online marketers are satisfied with their homepage. Don’t want to belong to the rest 80%? Learn what the most widespread conversion killers and avoid doing these mistakes.

1. Showing Company News on the Homepage. Although it is important to renew content on the website and share news with your customers, when they open the homepage they want to see your offers and services instead. You should attract them with your products to boost conversions. Consider making a blog to announce news about your company.

2. Slow Website Loading. About half of website visitors abandon websites without making a purchase, because pages load too slowly. The speed of website is crucial for user experience and conversion rates: even one extra second of loading may decrease conversion by 7%. Use advanced hosting solutions to ensure high loading speed: dedicated web server or CDN (content delivery network) can help you.

3. Poor Navigation. Even the most attractive website won’t attract customers, if they can’t find the menu and necessary website sections. Think about site functionality and create a convenient menu without extra elements. Note that drop-down menus are not favored much being annoying.

4. Cluttered Homepage. First impression means a lot, and cluttered homepage with extra images and texts can spoil it. Get rid of unnecessary data and make texts short and concise.

5: Audio/Video Content Autoplay. Although many use video and auto content to grow conversions on their websites, it only confuses people. First, heavy content reduces loading time considerably. Secondly, people find sounds coming out of nowhere embarrassing and it distracts them from the homepage. Do not activate autoplay: let users decide whether they want to hear and see it.

6. Ignoring Blogs. Blog is the main source of relevant information: Google favors them more than other types of web resources in the Net. Create an official blog on your website and let visitors find and access it easily. You can add link to the blog on the header of your website which will boost the number of leads.

7. Adding Massive Images. Images and infographics are great for user experience, but over-sized and heavy elements can affect loading times and kill conversion. Optimize them by reducing their size.

8. Cluttered Checkout Process. If you have a checkout on your website, make sure it is optimized for all types of devices. Almost half of users shop using portable devices, so cluttered checkout can cause downtime and abandonment of the shopping cart.  Design this page so that it had minimal elements, and give customer the opportunity to save their data.

9. Not supporting multiple devices. You won’t reach desired conversion rates until your website is optimized for a variety of stationary and portable devices. Make sure that your content can adjust to different screen sizes without troubles, use responsive themes and create separate versions of desktop and mobile site.

10. Broken Links. If people click on a link and get a 404 page displayed, they aren’t likely to return to your website. Fix all broken links on your website, because they spoil overall user experience. Special plugins and programs can help you.

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